About us

KINGDOM COIN MINING, is an incorporated company with focus primarily into the exploration, development and mining of gold resource in Ghana. Our company recognizes the increase in demand for gold on the world market, hence vigorously explores and develops our gold mine with the aim to build a strong portfolio with respect to gold (mining) production, processing, sales and exports.
Kingdom Coin Mines is a gold licensed mining company wielding the Adudanfed Aboso gold mining concession; The Aboso Gold Project” being the Primary Mining Licence, Aboso No: JS/1196406-20 by the Government of Ghana. The Aboso Gold Project covers an approximate area of 16.07 km2 (“the Gold Mine), situated in the world class Ashanti Gold Belt in Ghana, 200km northwest from Accra, the capital, 50km from the port city of Takoradi and 4-10km north of the world class mines in the Tarkwa area in Ghana.

Aboso Gold Concessin

Aboso Gold Concessin was granted the 16.07km2 Aboso Prospecting Licence, which was until recently, part of Gold Fields’ Damang Mining Lease on the prospecting licence, which encompasses the Aboso township and small-scale mining licences, extends for a few kilometres north of the Aboso township and along the Tarkwa- Aboso structural and lithological corridor.


Our Vision

To create sustainable gold mining which provides value for investors and all stakeholders, while delivering safety, health and well-being of staff and our partner mining communities.


Our Mission

To become a world respected mining company, which provides sustainable and responsible gold production, delivering on our commitments to investors, partners and employees, whilst undertaking corporate socially responsible programs for communities where we mine.


Quality Policy Objective

At Kingdom Coin Mining, we’re committed to becoming a Gold exploration and exploitation entity of choice, by deploying advanced technology, innovation and outside the box creative tendencies, with an attitude of responsibility to provide value for our investors and all stakeholders.

Our Values

Delivering High Performance

  • Striving to do our best and continually raise the bar in every aspect of mining from exploration, gold exploitation to construction of social amenities through to our operations.
  • We seek to dispense expenditure economically while increasing productivity, as we aim at continually enhancing our performance in terms of sustainability and profitability.
  • A commitment to high performance is essential in building a culture of excellence, value for investors, employees and all stakeholders.


  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of people affected by our gold exploration and exploitation activities – employees, partners, contractors, investors and members of communities near our operations – is our top most priority.
  • We believe and adhere to “zero tolerance for accidents” and to achieve this, commits to implementing the training, formulating policies and programs needed to keep our employees and members of gold mining communities safe at all times.


  • In our aspiration to be recognized as trustworthy and reliable is essential to our existence and success. By acting with integrity, respect and compassion, we build lasting associations, partnerships and relationships which attract and retain the best people.
  • We promote strong corporate governance and well instituted accountability policies, which makes Kingdom Coin Mining a welcome site and an esteemed valued partner.
  • We make sure those communities near our operations share in our success – through direct and indirect employment opportunities and local investments, by way of many impactful and very resourceful corporate socially responsible programs and policies, that well position local folks to prosper on the basis of access to portable drinking water, establishing chip-compounds health facilities, educational scholarships for needy but brilliant student residing within our gold mining operational jurisdictions, capacity building for indigenes labour force and so on.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • • Generating long-term value and growing returns for our investors and all stakeholders is our overriding goal.
  • As results oriented entrepreneurs, we embrace creative tendencies and innovation, by striving for superior performance and the creation of lasting excellent value for all of our stakeholders.
  • In our quest to deliver growth, we take a strategic approach to risk; we are open to and do embrace opportunity, are very rigorous in our evaluation and disciplined in our pursuit of gold as well as other mineral resources to be able to generate sustainable great descent returns or dividends for our investors as well as our employees, partners and patrons.

Respect for the Environment

  • Adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an authority responsible for the regulation of individuals and entities environmental activities, with the core objective of protecting the environment against degradations and harmful tendencies in order to guarantee public health and safety. Our Company’s strict adherence to these established statutes, exercising extreme care and operating in a sustainable way is integral to earning and maintaining our license to operate and demonstrate our respect for livilihoods.
  • We additionally recognize our obligations to not only reduce to the barest minimum the impact of our mining activities on the environment, but, whenever possible, to leave the environment including communities near our operations better than we found it.

Working with Tenacity

    • • Operating a large scale mine can be a tough business; success at every level – from the mining explorations and minerals exploitations phase to the corporate office administrative duties – depends upon the cardinal bedrocks of commitments, persistence, tenacity and determination.
    • Kingdom Coin Mining recognizes the unlimited possibilities created through diversity and inclusion together with well channeled hard work and team spirit.
    • We go the extra mile in supporting our colleagues and our communities.

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Gold production in Ghana

Gold operations in Ghana are in two sectors; the large scale and the small-scale sector. Usually, the large scale sectors are involved in the hard rock mining by either open pit or deep shaft mining with modernized sophisticated implements and machineries, whereas the small scale sector, mostly comprises of a maximum of 25acres land, forming one mining concession and are mostly involved in alluvial (Streams/rivers banks) mining.
Ghana presents a number of opportunities in the mining sector, especially in the gold production industry. Ghana has become the largest gold producer in Africa, toppling South Africa in a recent data released by the World Bank. The most thriving heavily depended on for the Country’s economic prospects is the ever thriving gold small and large scale mining industry.
Ghana is well known for its history in gold mining in the African continent. The country is currently Africa’s largest gold producer of the precious metal following an improved performance in 2022 after a significant production downswing in 2021. Total gold produced in Ghana increased by 32% year-on-year to 3.72 million ounces from 2.82 million ounces recorded in 2021. The increase in gold production was driven by improved performance by both large scale and small scale operators with the latter subsector contributing principally to the upturn.
in 2022

Large scale mining sector performance

Figures from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources indicate that the large scale sector produced a historic gold output of 3,011,548 ounces in 2022 which represents a year-on-year upturn of 11.1%. This put the subsector’s share of national gold production to approximately 81%, a drop from 96% in 2021.

The Ghana Chamber of Mines attributes the growth in gold output in 2022 to a combination of fresh output and expansion of production at existing large scale mines. Companies such as the Asante Gold-operated Mensin Gold Bibiani Ltd, and Golden Team Mining achieved commercial production in 2022. Sankofa Gold Mine in Prestea also resumed operations in 2022 coupled with full year operations of Earl International Gold Limited and the Akrokeri Mine of Goldstone Resources Ltd which recorded their first gold pour in late 2021. The significant upturn in production by existing large scale companies such as Newmont’s Ahafo and Akyem Mines, Gold Fields’ Tarkwa Mine, AngloGold Ashanti’s Iduapriem and Obuasi Mines, and the Edikan Mine of Perseus also contributed to the rise in the sub-sector’s gold output.

In 2021, the sector recorded a production downturn of 4.2%, which according to the Ghana Chamber of Mines was occasioned by broad decline in the output by more than 10% of some mines such as Asanko Gold Mines (15.8%), AngloGold Ashanti’s Obuasi (15.08%) and Iduapriem Mines (26.54%), Adamus Resources Ltd (13.2%) due to operational related challenges.