Best Corporate Governance.

The Board of Directors of Kingdom Coin Mining Limited is responsible for the corporate governance of the Company. The Board guides and monitors the business overall administration and operations for and on behalf of the shareholders, by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable. We adhere to the international best practices with respect to enhanced good corporate governance, which ultimately creates and institutes transparency and accountancy in all our administrative and field operations.

Multi-mine multijurisdictional African gold producer, developer and explorer

2023 Fiscal Year gold production of 535,281 ounces at US$959/oz AISC

FY23 Notional Cashflow of - US$452M

FY23 Total Dividends of 3.54 cents per share - A$48 million returned to Shareholders

Total FY23 Economic Contribution to our host countries

Local employment within countries of operation and strong "licence to operate"

Why Kingdom Coin Mining?

90% interest in a quality asset, large deposit of over 70 Million tons mineral deposits resource.
Opportunity to invest in the provision heavy duty plants and equipment for operations or the provision of other site infrastructures to mine over 12Mt of gold material resource per year
Opportunity to acquire shares in the Kingdom Coin Mining Project.
Disciplined and shareholder-focused capital allocation approach, with corporate cash to unlock shareholder value through accretive M&A opportunities outside of the Kingdom Coin Mining’s Aboso Gold Mining Project.
Strong corporate balance sheet, focused on shareholders’ ROI, value-accretive growth and risk-adjusted returns.
Focus on health and safety of all employees, contractors and local communities with a fundamental goal to create and maintain Zero Harm in both administrative and field operations.
ESG focus embedded in decision-making from exploration, throughout life of mining assets and all through to closure.
A robust strengthened management team with operations experience in multiple jurisdictions around the world with both precious and base metals mineral resources.
Robust exploration and development strategy leveraging Kingdom Coin Mining’s Aboso Project success to increase gold resources and thus increase shareholder returns and optionality.
Envisioning an exceptional expansion potential in a top tier proven and stable gold mining jurisdiction known for big, successful mines, government support and support from major miners.

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Why Invest in or Buy Gold from Kingdom Coin Mining.

Long Term Yielding High Quality Asset

A high-quality investment portfolio with long term high yielding physical assets (Gold Mine)

2023 Fiscal Year gold production of 535,281 ounces at US$959/oz AISC

FY23 Notional Cashflow of - US$452M

Kingdom Coin Mines is a gold licensed mining company wielding the Adudanfed Aboso gold mining concession;

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