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The Kingdom Coin Inc. USA .

The Kingdom Coin cryptocurrency is backed by real 999.5 to 999.9 pure GOLD mined from the Kingdom Coin Mining Limited’s Aboso Gold Mine project at Tarkwa Aboso in Ghana. The finished fine pure gold Coin and Bars product is refined and produced by the Metallica Refinery in Accra, Ghana. The 999.5-9% pure gold products is a solid tangible asset with an enduring value, which can be used to hedge against inflation or traded as an alternative source of income.
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Asset Backed Crypto

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Kingdom Coin Mining

Kingdom Coin Mining is a multinational; Accra and LA (California) based company, with focus primarily into gold mining in Ghana and a United States of America regulated “Kingdom Coin” cryptocurrency backed by Gold; a real tangible asset with enduring value sourced from the Kingdom Coin Mining operations in Ghana.

What is Kingdom Coin?

Kingdom coins is a new (PoS) cryptocurrency which is focused in helping churches, ministries, outreach programs and non-profit organizations become financially solvent while helping spread a message of hope and generosity. Through our master nodes, which will only be available initially to these types of organizations, and the various other mechanisms we have put in place in order to positively affect this community, we will in fact help create an “economy” specific to the Kingdom community which will bring encouragement and prosperity for years to come.

Why Kingdom Coin?

Kingdom Coin Inc. introduces a unique platforms yet simple enough for anyone to educate themselves, create financial streams of income and duplicate by sharing with friends and families using cryptocurrency through the blockchain technology. There has not been a cryptocurrency yet with an idea so bold and with the technology to realize and provide the masses, which is perhaps the largest community group around the world, to accept and use cryptocurrency in their business ventures, whether it be buying, selling or education until now.

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Kingdom Coin Mines is a gold licensed mining company wielding the Adudanfed Aboso gold mining concession;

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